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Hello Coffee Enthusiasts!

I, Daniel, and my team welcome you to If you are really a coffee lover you have come to the right place. It is because we can give you information about each and every aspect of brewing coffee.

For you, we have tried to keep everything easy so you could navigate through the website with convenience. No advertisements or pop up links to fry your brains or waste your time, just plain old coffee. Not that coffee is plain but you get our point!

We have mostly focused on coffee machines, as coffee makers are the inventions which work as a bridge between the best brewed coffee and your taste buds. Along with that we have shed some light on the coffee products to ensure that you rise up to the best coffee and start your day with a tasty zest and zeal.

You must be thinking why should you listen to us?

When I was a kid, I was used to wake up to the smell of perfectly brewed coffee made by my mother. As I grew up my interest in coffee and coffee brewing got more and more. I started my job as a barista and started to make delicious coffee myself. In fact I know about coffee and coffee brewing more than I know about people. And it is a point to be noted because I know about people and which coffee will suit you best in which mood.

So at, when we tell you about the coffee products or mainly about coffee makers, be sure that it comes from the place of authenticity. As it is based upon my experience, and is a product of our team’s research and genuine love of coffee.

Our Team

Daniel V
Daniel V | Founder, Coffee Lover


Amanda Lange
Amanda Lange | Coffee Expert, Writer


Our Reviews

We have kept our blog posts simple with a twist of freshness. We have tried not to over load it with irrelevant data. Instead we have added information in it which acts as a guide about making new ways of coffee that includes trying and testing new products to make coffee and how to get the best flavor from the coffee beans every time.

You will find the most truthful and relevant information and blog posts about the coffee products in general and coffee makers in particular. We take our sense of responsibility to our coffee lovers very seriously and we have vowed to never misguide you about any product, technique or coffee making machine in which we do not believe ourselves fully.

If you need any more information or have questions for us, feel free to contact us we are here for you every sip of the way.

Yours Truly,
Daniel from