Whether you need to stay focused throughout the workday or require something to keep you awake when studying for an important exam, you’re bound to reach for a cup of coffee. Your first instinct is to buckle up and drive to the closest coffee shop. As an alternative, however, you can whip a mean cup of Joe from the convenience and proximity of your home if you have your own coffee maker, allowing you to preserve much-needed time, energy, and gas money.

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Although it’s easy to see why opting for a coffee maker can be the right decision for you, what isn’t as easy of a decision is making sure you choose the best model. From automatic coffee makers, to manual coffee makers, to smart coffee machines, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the types, makes, and models.

In response to witnessing all of the different machines out there, you may want to make a speedy decision to avoid the stress of selecting a coffee maker. Although, choosing carefully can lead to the best purchase.

Picking the wrong coffee maker, for instance, can leave you with a product that doesn’t have all of the features you want like a built-in grinder, timer, alarm, or automatic shut-off. These features may seem simple, but to coffee makers, they can make all the difference. Buying a coffee maker without conducting solid research on all of your options may also leave you with a machine that doesn’t accept your source of coffee: ground, bean, or pod. The next thing you know, you’re back at the store you purchase the machine from to exchange it for another machine.

Based on the latter, it’s clear that any ole coffee maker will not do you justice. Finding a machine that meets your personal needs is vital to ensure you don’t end up regretting your purchase.

To aid you with your search for the best coffee maker, below is a list of some of the top machines with pros and cons of each to help you make the most applicable decision for you personally.

Is a coffee maker worth it?

In truth, however, the real reason you may buy a drink at a nearby coffee shop is because you enjoy having someone else make your beverage for you. You might also have the impression that it is faster, especially if you are already late to your destination. In reality, while brewing your own cup of coffee requires effort on your part, there’s no wait time as you’re your only “customer,” and you can start your brew any second of the day rather than waiting in a long line just to place your order with the cashier at a coffee shop.

Some may use the excuse that making your own coffee at home requires skill, but with the variety of machines at hand, there’s a coffee maker for everyone whether they’ve never used a coffee maker before or have used one hundreds of times. With a plethora of different features on modern coffee makers today, you can whip up a brew to your exact liking at any time of the day for a cost lower than your local coffee shop.

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