Everyone has different preferences when it comes to the temperature of their coffee. Some like their java scalding while others prefer it lukewarm or even somewhere in between. Then you have the folks that enjoy a nice, cold brew. Especially on a hot day, purchasing a ready-made bottle of cold brew coffee from a grocery store or grab-and-go cafe might seem like the most plausible idea. Convenient? Yes. Affordable? Not quite. As an alternative, you can make large quantity, high-quality cold brew coffee from home, store it in a thermal container, and take your brew with you everywhere you go. And you bet that making your own brew will help save you cash in the process!

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Part of the complication when finding the right product to make your cold brews in is that the sizes of these makers can differ considerably. Finding a cold brewing system that can fit on your countertop, let alone in your cupboard or pantry, is not any easy task if you live in tight quarters. Whether you opt for a full drip system or a carafe with an attached brewer will partly be determined by the amount of space you have at home.

Additionally, if you’re a newbie to making your own cold brew, the process of finding a cold brew maker that you know you will be able to operate without an issue seems catastrophic. Even for those who have made cold brew plenty of times in the past, the differences from one cold brew maker to the next mean there might be a need for experimentation and practice when you purchase your new product. Fortunately, many of these makers are straightforward to use. But are you making the right decision? Will you end up with the best brewer?

It’s not enough to drive down to the store and buy a cold brew coffee maker. You must decide between numerous products to avoid the latter issues.

Why go through another hot summer without your very own cold brew coffee maker? Scope our best cold brew coffee maker comparison chart below to find the product you’ll know you’ll love.

Is a cold brew coffee maker worth it?

During the hottest parts of the day, let’s face it, none of us want to get in a hot vehicle and drive to the store to pick up a bottle of cold brew. What fun is that? When you choose to make your cold brew at home, however, you’re saving yourself from that undesirable drive. When you have children at home, you’ll appreciate having your own cold brew coffee maker even more.

Although many feel perplexed when they realize that cold brew takes approximately 12 to 24 hours to brew for the best flavor when they can go pick up their cold brew already made elsewhere, freshly-made cold brew is incomparable to anything else. Mastering the art of cold brew is also exciting for many people as they find what their brewing preferences are in terms of how long they should let their ground coffee steep before drinking.

When it comes to using your own cold brew coffee maker, although it isn’t an instantaneous process, you benefit from more affordable cups of coffee. Likewise, you can create larger batches at once, usually two quarts, leaving plenty not just for you but for a family member or few.

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