Making the choice to make your own coffee at home, you have options for how you will achieve this. Will you utilize a coffee maker or take a shortcut by using a single-serve instant coffee pouch? If you do go on the coffee maker route, which will you choose: a stovetop coffee maker, cold brew coffee maker, a drip coffee maker, and so on? With so many options at hand, it’s hard to know what the “best” route is to get your daily dose of coffee. Although instant coffee might be your prefered method if you have little time on your hands, making the move to a drip coffee maker can give you greater quality hands down.

Notable mention

After scoping their coffee machine options, many consumers might make the decision that a drip coffee maker is the best machine for them. However, there are different types of drip coffee makers that make choosing the right product a little harder. Some drip coffee makers might feature a filter, percolator, or French press-styled system. The robustness of your brew can be altered depending on the type of drip coffee maker you purchase.

Especially if money is tight for you, finding a drip coffee machine within your budget that has extra features for convenience isn’t easy. Typically, you must buy a digital drip coffee maker if you want brew adjustment, self-cleaning cycles, and automatic shut-off. In this case, you may be battling between spending more for a better machine or playing it safe by spending less but getting a machine that doesn’t give you the control and features you prefer.

Don’t let the latter scare you from buying the drip coffee maker of your dreams. You’d be surprised to find out that many programmable coffee makers out there, even the lower-end ones, can definitely deliver greater than intended. With a reliable drip coffee maker at home, you won’t have to fret about not having coffee whenever you want it.

So you don’t get overwhelmed, the following best drip coffee maker list will aid you on your search for your next coffee maker. Paying attention to the pros and cons will be integral to verify that the product you want won’t be a disappointment in the long run.

Is a drip coffee maker worth it?

Coffee drinkers, regardless of their personal preferences, don’t want poor-quality coffee, that’s for sure. Although many love the flavor of their instant coffee, often when people switch to brewed coffee, they never go back to instant. Why? Apart from the richer flavor, many find that when their coffee is made with a drip coffee maker instead, their java is more consistent throughout. Meanwhile with instant coffee, it’s difficult to evenly disperse hot water and ground coffee.

Although instant and ground coffee are about the same in price, one disadvantage with using ground coffee is that you will have to buy a coffee machine in order to get coffee with flavor and equal dispersion, which is more expensive than buying a kettle. Likewise, using a drip coffee machine sometimes requires that you make more coffee at a time, and thus more ground coffee, which may not be convenient for you.

But considering that there are low-cost drip coffee machines out there that still get the job done, are easy to use, and deliver phenomenal quality in cup form, it’s undeniable that the pros of a drip coffee maker outweigh the cons.

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