Taking shots of espresso in the early morning is typically the quickest way for us to get started on our day. This is especially true for those of us who tend to take a while to fully wake up from our slumber. But why do you choose espresso versus a cup of regular coffee? Chances are, it’s because espresso is condensed with more caffeine than its coffee counterpart; we get the benefit of drinking less while getting more energy as a result. To get your daily espresso, you might pay someone else for it. However, as a consumer, you also have the option to brew your own at your demand.

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Choosing an espresso machine might seem as simple as ordering a shot of espresso from a barista. Many assume that the process of purchasing such a product merely involves staying within your budget. However, searching for the best espresso machine involves so much more than just that. In fact, no two espresso machines are exactly alike, making it critical that your decision is a careful and precise one.

Before you head to your local general merchandise store and purchase the first espresso machine you lay eyes on, consider the fact that buying an espresso machine without reading the pros and cons first can be quite risky.

While there are plenty of wonderful espresso makers out there without a doubt, within that mix are machines that will leave you disappointed. As an example, imagine buying a machine that looks beautiful from the outside but performs poorly. Unfortunately, this scenario is all too common. Even picking an espresso maker that has good reviews from consumers, you might find that the machine is too complex for you to operate, leaving you confused and disappointed. Finding the right machine requires you to not only inspect the outer appearance of a product and read the reviews but really dig deep into everything there is to know about your potential prospective espresso maker.

While finding a quality espresso machine can be a stressful task, we’ve simplified the decision for you by listing some of the top-performing espresso machines below along with their advantages and disadvantages.

Is an espresso machine worth it?

Although you might already be in the habit of heading over to the local cafe every morning before work or school, having your own espresso machine can give you your quick fix when you need it the most. Grumpy attitude, groggy perceptions, and half-shut eyes don’t call for a drive to your closest coffee bar, but rather, a brief walk over to the espresso machine right in your kitchen.

Having your own espresso machine at home also means no more rushing in the dark, early mornings, which can allow you to slow down and truly enjoy the beginning of your day. Although you will be in charge of cleaning your espresso machine and buying your own coffee supplies (e.g., beans) when operating your own machine, not having to rely on someone else to make your espresso for you means you have the opportunity to experience with the taste and quality of your own espresso.

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