All coffee freaks love a good cup of java. Never does anyone request a lukewarm cup of watered down, flavorless coffee. Although we all want the tastiest cup, nobody wants to jump through hoops just to make one batch of perfectly-brewed coffee. Many folks don’t want to buy a $5-plus cup of coffee at their local coffee shop either just to obtain the so-called “best” coffee, especially if personalization is limited. Fortunately, another option to quickly get good quality coffee for a fraction of the cost of the coffee at a coffee shop is to invest in a French press coffee maker.

Notable mention

You might believe that all French press coffee makers are virtually identical to one another in terms of function. However, this is not true. Reading reviews of different French presses online, you might discover that some of these products leave unwanted sentiment at the bottom of the container after brewing, leaving people with coffee featuring poor texture. This is why it’s vital to only consider buying a French press you can be sure will feature equipment with top notch quality to eliminate the smallest of debris from your brew.

While most French presses are easy to clean when compared to electric coffee makers, some presses contain mesh that is very difficult to clean. If cleaning isn’t really your jam, you’ll want to make sure that the press you purchase will offer ease of cleaning. Reading product reviews online can help you determine that.

All in all, finding the perfect French press coffee maker comes down to quality. While you might have to pay a little more for better quality, the price of French presses should be well within your budget. Best of all, aesthetics of French presses don’t matter so much considering many choose to store their press after use rather than leave it on their countertop. That being said, sacrificing good looks for greater quality tends to be easy when picking out these devices.

Do you want an easy-to-make, flavorful cup of coffee? Check out our French press coffee maker suggestions below to find the best product for you!

Is French Press Coffee Maker worth it?

One of the biggest advantages of choosing to make your daily cup of coffee with a French press coffee maker is that these devices don’t have any complex buttons or functions. For those who prefer devices with basic operations, you’ll be glad that French press coffee makers don’t really have a learning curve.

Additionally, these coffee makers are much more affordable than your average coffee machine. That said, going for a French press coffee maker as your primary source for making your caffeinated beverages is an excellent idea if you’re short on money. Plus, you can save money on each cup of coffee you make yourself with your French press coffee maker versus buying a cup of coffee from a cafe.

While it can be a bummer that you don’t have a lot of control over your brew when using a French press coffee maker as there is no technology involved, you still have a choice over what ground coffee you want to use, how strong you want your coffee to be, and how hot you want it to be. However, many of these choices are manual versus automatic since French press coffee makers don’t have a simple button you can press to customize your brew. Nevertheless, the depth of flavor you can derive from a cup of coffee from a French press maker is phenomenal.

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