Do you ever leave your piping hot carafe of coffee under your coffee maker before getting a chance to pour it into a travel mug prior to heading out the door? This isn’t uncommon for coffee fanatics. More often than not, we walk away as our coffee maker or microwave is heating up our hot cup of coffee in the morning. In turn, we may get sidetracked and completely forget about bringing our beverage with us. While you can continue to forget to take your morning brew with you, a more viable solution is to opt for a French press travel mug, so you can brew your coffee as you travel with it. Smart!

Notable mention

The great news is, French press travel mugs are quite affordable. However, there are still problems when it comes to choosing the right product. For instance, compared to the wide variation of coffee mugs, a French press coffee mug comes in less colors and styles. Although the color and style of your French press mug logistically doesn’t matter, many enjoy an aesthetic mug, which may be hard to find for those who are picky.

Another thing important to note when it comes to selecting the best French press travel mug is that you must buy one that is the right size. Remember: you will be brewing and drinking from this cup. French press travel mugs are designed to drink straight out of, not transfer into another cup like you would if you brewed your coffee into a carafe from a machine. That said, the size of your French press mug certainly matters.

Aesthetics aside, selecting a French press coffee mug in the right size, with high-quality parts, and within your budget is pretty simple considering there aren’t really any bells and whistles as you might find with an actual coffee machine.

Although you may be interested in buying your own French press travel mug, how will you know you’ll select the right one? Scope the pros and cons of our recommended mugs below.

Is French Press Travel Mug worth it?

A French press travel mug makes for the perfect product for those who are always on the go or frequently wake up late. Never again will you have to rush out of the house either forgetting to brew your coffee, and not having time to start it, or accidentally leaving your carafe under the coffee maker before you get a chance to transfer it into a travel-friendly cup.

With the brewing session occurring within your French press travel mug, it’s as simple as adding ground coffee and hot water to the mug, pressing down the plunger, screwing on the lid, and then placing the cup in the cup holder of your car. No need to wait several minutes for a machine to finish brewing your coffee, nor do you have to pour your pot of coffee into a travel mug; with a French press travel mug, it’s a two-in-one device!

Even though the Press has given French press machines a bad rep for not filtering out the cafestol, a substance in coffee that increases the body’s cholesterol levels, opting for a French press travel mug isn’t about being healthy, but rather, about convenience. French press makers in general offer an easy way to get a flavorful cup of coffee without you needing to be an expert barista.

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