While nothing compares to a cup of hot coffee, there’s no better way to fuel yourself than with an iced coffee on a scorching summer day. A beverage like this has the power to keep you cool, quenched, and refreshed while still offering you the energy you need to get through the rest of your day. During your lunch break, you might pop through a drive-thru or quickly run into the closest gas station mart to grab yourself an iced coffee. While this may be convenient for you, making your own iced coffees at home and bringing them to work can give you a better quality brew while allowing you to enjoy your full lunch break without the need to find a place to equip you with your beloved beverage.

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The variety of iced coffee makers out there is overwhelming. Some devices are capable of making both cold and hot brews while others merely make cold coffee. This is one of many reasons why it’s important to explore your options. By deciding if you want a small, simple device just to make cold brew or a more expensive machine that can make both hot and iced coffee is an important decision to make as it can impact the price and quality of the machine you end up selecting.

Another issue that you may come across as you hunt for an iced coffee maker comes down to the quality of the material of your prospective maker. These days, virtually every machine, product, and device is no longer made from hefty glass and metal, but rather, cheap plastic. All-plastic or nearly all-plastic coffee makers can impact the quality of your cold brew, how cold it gets and stays after brewing, and the overall longevity of your maker.

The good news is, though, that while the quality might be compromised with some products today, there are still numerous options out there that feature both the quality and capabilities you want in an iced coffee maker.

Read on to discover the best iced coffee makers on the market today. We’ve listed the pros and cons to help you narrow down your options.

Is an Iced Coffee Maker worth it?

Choosing an iced coffee maker in general is a very affordable investment, and these machines are easy to operate, no doubt. Getting the opportunity to save money by using an iced coffee maker instead of purchasing a made-to-order brew in a mini mart or drive-thru is just a bonus.

Some might say, however, “Why would I need to buy an iced coffee maker if I already have a fresh press at home?” These devices are not one in the same when it comes to making cold brew. When it comes to French presses, your coffee will end up tasting more bitter and acidic since these machines utilize warmer temperatures. And as many avid coffee lovers know, the most flavorful cold brew takes hours to prepare, not minutes with a French press. With an iced coffee maker, however, you can get the right flavor and not have to worry about oily, cholesterol-rising diterpenes getting into your beverage, which is not uncommon with French press brews.

While it takes patience to use an iced coffee maker, the quality you end up with certainly out beats the quality you could ever achieve from your local hole-in-the-wall gas station.

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