Every coffee enthusiast has their own style when it comes to their coffee consumption. Some prefer indulging in cappuccinos while others like drinking straight shots of espresso. Some enjoy sitting down and reading the paper as they drink their coffee while others like taking it on the go. Then you have the folks that drink a whole pot of coffee every morning while there are others who just prefer drinking a cup at a time. If you enjoy a good home brew that ranks higher than your local coffee shop’s coffee but don’t want all of that extra coffee to go to waste, you can get the best of both worlds thanks to a single cup coffee maker.

Notable mention

A big issue with finding the right single serve coffee maker is deciding between going the coffee pod or pod-free route. Many like the idea of popping a tiny, plastic cup into their coffee machine and pressing a button or two to start their brewing session. Easy peasy. However, others worry about the higher costs associated with utilizing pods, and of course, the threat to the ecosystem that they provide. However, Keurig has introduced reusable pods that you can fill with your own ground coffee beans to personalize your cup without contributing to landfills.

Of course, as mentioned, it can also be difficult to ensure the single cup coffee machine you’re interested in offers cup sizes other than eight ounces. While many single cup makers do brew various size cups or even whole pots, it’s not a guarantee that the coffee maker you’re eyeing will.

Compared to purchasing a full pot coffee maker, it might be more difficult to find a single serve coffee machine. However, on the bright side, there are still numerous options at hand. By finding the right single serve coffee maker, you will get a device that brews the exact amount you want with the best quality without any frustration.

Many people don’t know exactly what to look for in a single cup coffee maker, especially if they’ve only ever bought full pot machines. If you want to ensure you get the best single serve coffee maker, scope our table below.

Is Single Cup Coffee Maker worth it?

One of the most obvious benefits of using a single cup coffee maker is that you’ll get a single steaming hot cup of perfection rather than an entire household-worth of coffee each time you brew you Joe. In turn, this means there is no need for storing or tossing the coffee left over in your carafe. When you want just one cup of coffee, you get exactly that with this type of coffee maker. That said, a single cup coffee maker can certainly be more sustainable.

Owning a single cup coffee maker can also save you money in the long run. Those who prefer making a single cup at a time are more likely to purchase a cup of coffee from a local cafe or restaurant than whole carafe drinkers. However, with the convenience of having a single cup coffee maker at home, you can make the right batch each time without needing to fork more out of pocket for your single cup of java.

There are, though, a couple of downsides to single cup coffee makers. For instance, some single cup coffee makers do not make full pots. This can be inconvenient for those rare times where you may be in charge of making coffee for multiple people. Additionally, making coffee in a single cup coffee maker is often pricier than making a full pot of coffee, especially since many single serve makers brew from coffee capsules or pods. Nevertheless, you can benefit from a more affordable cup of coffee that meets your brewing expectations with your own personal, one-cup coffee maker.

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