Some people prefer light roasts while others have a preference for a dark brew. Lovers of dark roasted cups of coffee often enjoy the richer taste profile they deliver while others like that darker roasts contain less caffeine than its lighter roast counterpart. Although you make both light and dark brews in the average espresso maker, those who prefer the latter over the former might enjoy making their coffee via a stovetop espresso maker instead where they can achieve stronger, thicker coffee featuring a solid crema.

Notable mention

Considering that they seem “old fashioned,” you might think your options will be limited when it comes to searching for a new stovetop espresso maker. In reality, there are many options and styles of stovetop espresso makers out there. Just like when choosing the right pots and pans for your kitchen, choosing the right stovetop espresso maker makes all the difference.

While there aren’t really any fancy bells and whistles when it comes to selecting a stovetop coffee maker, each product you come across will not be identical in terms of quality, function, and ease of use. Likewise, the aesthetics of these makers can dramatically vary from one to the next.

Making the wrong decision when it comes to buying your first stovetop espresso maker, you may be left with a product that is smaller or larger in size than you anticipated. With how products are manufactured these days, you may also accidentally end up with a maker that doesn’t have the quality and longevity that you’re looking for.

To avoid the latter errors, you will have to take the time to scope a variety of different stovetop espresso makers to guarantee you make a solid purchasing decision.

If you’re leaning towards purchasing a stovetop espresso maker, read on to discover the best stovetop espresso makers to date. Pay attention to each product’s list of pros and cons to find the stovetop espresso maker most applicable to you.

Is a stovetop espresso maker worth it?

While you may already own an espresso machine, or may be thinking about purchasing one soon, choosing to purchase a stovetop espresso maker instead can serve you very well, especially if you have a taste for a darker cup of Joe. When compared to pricey coffee machines, you can certainly save money by going the stovetop espresso maker route. Quite frankly, they are truly the closest alternative.

As mentioned, you can also get a richer-flavored cup of coffee with a stovetop espresso maker. Whether you like your coffee piping hot or room temperature and loaded with sugar or sugar-free, chances are, the flavor of your coffee despite those characteristics is still very important to you, which greatly depends on a good espresso maker. While more affordable than many other coffee makers out there, the quality and flavor of your brew certainly isn’t compromised with stovetop makers.

Although you won’t receive fancy features and settings to have greater control over your brew, and your maker won’t come with a built-in grinder, stovetop espresso makers retain heat significantly well and are much simpler to clean than most other espresso machines on the market.

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